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Obligatory Introduction Post

Happy Birthday to ME!

Welcome to my new blog. I'm Sam, today I am 37. I love a project, and this is the one I've chosen to focus on for this year. I am going to try my hand at a blog. I've played with tumblr and other platforms before, but for this project I have a time frame and goal in mind, so this will be a bit different.

Spoiler: I'm not actually a bad mom. I have times where I feel like one though, and I know this is a completely normal thing for all parents, but I want to share my failings (and successes). I'm pretty sure I'm actually a good mom, though my son tells me otherwise sometimes, but he is a 4 year old, so what does he know?

Over (at least) the next year I'm going to share some great parenting ideas, some epic fails, some product reviews, and recommend some other parent focused social media. There are some great parents blogging and sharing out there, I'm hoping to learn from them, and hope they learn something from me as well. I look forward to feedback, and plan on sharing it all.

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