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A Bad Mom Product Review

Who doesn't love a clean smelling house? I'm super particular about the scents I like to be around for an extended period of time. I don't like most flowery scents, they tend to make me sneeze. I don't care for things that smell like baked goods because that just feels like a tease. After years of trying various candles and sprays, I have settled on a brand of product I love and two scents that make me beyond happy.

I started with the basil candles in the living room. One candle will fill an entire room with a fresh, clean smell. I recently started using the room spray to freshen the furniture in the living room because the dog has become quite the couch potato.

Next, I felt the bedroom was getting a bit stale, so I got a lavender candle for that room. I set it next to my bed and never even lit it, the scent is strong enough to give a hint of fresh lavender without even burning it. My husband liked it enough that I got the room spray to keep the linens smelling nice in our room, the candle has been relocated to the linen closet to keep things smelling nice until ready for use.

I work in healthcare, so keeping my hands clean is a must. I don't like the smell of most hand sanitizers so I was super excited when I heard they were releasing a Mrs. Meyer's line of them. I've yet to find them in a store (small city issues), but their website ships out very quickly. I got both of my favorite scents so I can use whatever I'm in the mood for that day.

Pros: wide variety of scents and products

Cons: you might have to resort to ordering online if you can't find the product you are looking for.

Overall, I highly recommend you check these products out if you are looking for a change in your home scents. They have a very extensive product line, which you can see on their website, but usually I just get it all at Target.

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