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A Bad Mom Product Review

We all have that one thing (or more) we are obsessed with. I know I'm not alone in my thing being jewelry, but I don't think nearly enough people are as into Origami Owl jewelry as I am. I started accumulating these pieces right after my son was born and the collection just keeps growing. I have about a dozen lockets and I don't even know how many charms at this point, and I'm about to buy a bunch of pieces from the summer and fall collections. I love the versatility and flexibility the necklaces offer. I can put something together to match my mood or outfit. Sometimes my son picks what I wear, and I have no idea how he decides on the pieces he does.

Another neat thing about this company is how much they strive for inclusiveness and reach out to help young entrepreneurs. I bought the adoption symbol charm as soon as it came out, and it very often features in my favorite groupings. The company also encourages young sellers as a way to learn their way into business. The team I buy my pieces from now is one of these encouraged youths. She started the business with her mom when she was in middle school; she does all the ordering and processing, she manages her inventory and takes an active role in their parties and vending events.

If you want to see more, and maybe even order some, please check out their site here. And if you fee inclined to purchase in the next week, use my jewelry bar number 456703 so I can get some free goodies. :-)

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