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Why I'm a Bad Mom - Sometimes I Like My Pets More Than My Kid

I didn't say I love them more, and I didn't say always, or more often than not. I love my son more than anything or anyone I can name right away, but I don't always like the guy. The feeling is mutual, he very clearly tells me I'm not his favorite, which translates to something near he hates me. After a day that has been frustrating for everyone, we just get on each other's nerves and don't want to be near each other...

...And then there is this guy. This fur-beast came into our lives this past spring and was immediately a part of the family. He is about a year and a half old, 50 pounds, and the sweetest thing in the world. He wants to be a lap dog and friends with the cats, neither of which is a perfect match. He is gentle with the boy, and loving to everyone who comes in the house. When the kid and I are at odds, this guy gets it.

This floof nugget is the bestie and partner-in-crime of my son. She has been a family member for about 2 years and is convinced that having a little boy around is the best thing ever. They are always snuggling and playing, he tells her about his day, she "listens" intently. I think one of the biggest reason they work so well is because she is deaf. We didn't realize it when we got her from a rescue, but noticed it quickly. It doesn't slow her down any, and I really think her not being able to hear him fuss and yell is a big reason they work so well together. After the kid is in bed, she is a loving lap cat for anyone sitting down. She and the dog want to be friends, but haven't worked out logistics yet.

These two creatures have nothing but love to give. They ask little in return beyond meals being served on time. They don't sulk or hold a grudge when I upset them. No matter how bad my day was, they are happy to see me at the end of it. They are so easy to like, that they are often my comfort when the kid is pushing just a step too far.

All of my pets are rescues of some sort, and I can't imagine getting a pet through other means. If you are looking for a companion, check your local shelters and rescues. I personally prefer adult animals to puppies or kittens; you know what their personality is, and you (usually) end up with less destruction. We are fortunate to have two great pets...

...The other cat gets along better with my husband, so we will leave that one alone.

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