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A Bad Mom Product Review

One of my favorite things about living in different parts of the country is trying whatever the regional specific party food it. Where I lived in Southern Illinois you didn't have a catered event without toasted ravioli, and you didn't have a house event without King's Hawaiian Bread and onion dip. Now that I'm in Texas again, I've been unsurprised by most food; the quantities of queso, salsa, and guacamole are about what you would expect. However, the phenomenon of cream cheese and spicy jelly was both unexpected and delicious.

This snack is as simple as it sounds. Leave a block of cream cheese on a plate to soften, microwave jelly of choice to warm, pour jelly on block of cream cheese, enjoy with crackers (preferably something like Wheat Thins). Originally I was conflicted on this; I love most things cream cheese, but I don't care for spicy. Then I found this.

It has a nice, tangy flavor without too much heat. I get asked about it every time I use this stuff. I'm fortunate enough to live in the town where Vela Farms has a shop, but Texans should be able to find their products in their local HEB. If you don't have an HEB nearby, you can order directly from their site here.

If you happen to have any cream cheese/jelly left over the next day (which you may not, but could concoct more if needed) I recommend putting it on toast for a very tasty breakfast. This particular jelly would also be really yummy on a pork chop. Really, the possibilities are endless, so try this stuff out if you get a chance.

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