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Why I'm a Bad Mom - I Drink In Front Of My Kid

I love wine, whiskey, and other varieties of alcohol. At the end of a long day, an adult beverage is a great way to wind down. I know plenty of people who wait for the kid(s) to be down for the night, or even for a location that is 21 and up only, before they will indulge. I do not have such restrictions on myself. I am very comfortable having a glass of wine with dinner at home, a beer when out at our favorite wing place, or a margarita while enjoying Mexican food.

I always remember my parents modeling a healthy relationship with alcohol. They had an adult beverage with or after dinner, but I do not have memories of them over indulging. When I got a bit older, I was allowed to have a small glass of wine at special occasions, but I didn't like it. My dad enjoyed offering me a sip of his beer from time to time, and I hated it. The result was that when I got closer to legal drinking age, I wasn't overly eager to buy alcohol. Once old enough, I drank regularly, but rarely to excess.

Now that I'm a parent, I want to be a similar model for my little guy. I want him to be aware of alcohol and its effects, but not to want to enjoy it to the detriment of his health. I'm sure he will make choices I would rather he not at some point. However, I hope he will remember seeing how his parents were able to enjoy a drink or two and not feel a need to take down a whole bottle of vodka. I'll feel like I have done a grest job of parenting if I end up raising a whiskey snob I can enjoy a good bourbon with. Cheers to positive modeling!

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