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Why I'm A Bad Mom - I'm Old

When I ask my son how old I am, he answers, "five." Despite being able to count well above five, that is his go to number for a massive quantity of anything, so he might as well be answering that I am 100. I am definitely past the age of five, though I have memories of that age, and I'm very much not 100. I am currently 37, which feels well above the average age of a four year old. I have friends who became parents in their teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s. I've learned that there is no right time to become a parent, but the moment you become one is the perfect moment.

I work primarily with senior citizens and this has skewed my perception of old in the best way possible. One group talks about how great their 50s were, and talk about piercings, trips, and crazy adventures they had. Another group is in their 60s and likely won't see 70. A rarer third group varies from 80s to over 100 and just live each day to its fullest. It is amazing to sit and talk to someone who has been around for over a century and have the conversation focus on their current craft project.

All of the groups take pride in their children. I know parents of young ones who complain about lack of sleep, parents of teenagers who talk about defiance, some parents who talk about the loss of a child, but most of my older contacts just talk about the pride they have in their families. Recently an older friend passed away, and though I knew him to be a very devoted father, grandfather, and great grandfather; seeing his family post about their love for him on social media has been so amazing. 

My son thinks I'm old, and he will keep doing so as he grows because I will probably be older than the moms of his friends. However, this means I got to watch my younger friends make parenting mistakes that I could learn how to avoid. I also have a vast network of people who have been where I am that I can ask for guidance. I may not have the energy of a younger mom, but I have the wisdom to know I should enjoy (almost) every moment of motherhood. And best, I have the example of those who have lived amazingly lives to model my own after as I take each day as it is given to me, and smile.

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