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Why I'm A Bad Mom - I Have A Facebook Perfect Family

Have you ever friended someone on Facebook, or followed someone on Instagram or Twitter, and immediately found them to be leading an absolutely perfect life? They are lying! I know this because I'm one of those people, and I'm lying about how perfect my life is. My profile is full of the fun things I'm doing with my family, my work successes, and the area activities I'm participating in. I have a cute kid, sweet pets, and a great husband; who wouldn't want to brag on those things. I love sharing the great things about my life.

Despite my sharing of a great life, it is far from perfect. The adorable cats still cough up hairballs, the well trained dog has destroyed more than one pair of shoes, the adorable kid had an hour long melt down the day I wrote this, the fantastic husband and I do not always see eye to eye on things. I love our house, and I enjoy posting pictures of the fun things we do in it, but those pictures strategically do not show the negative side. There is usually some animal hair on the floor, we often can't see coffee tables due to all the toys on them, beds aren't made, and there are at least a few dishes in the sink.

Then there is me. If anyone made the mistake of calling me perfect, I would laugh out loud. I curse, I need to lose some weight, I'm standoffish, my dietary habits leave something to be desired. I also battle with serious anxiety issues and am not always winning against depression. Most relevant to this blog, I very often feel like I am doing a lousy job of being a mom. These are significant parts of who I am, but they are not the parts I'm going to share on social media. I love showing the positive side to my family, but for every image I share, there are hundreds that I don't. The imperfect parts of who I am, and who my family is, are the parts that make us. I am not defined by my social media image, I'm the person with flaws who enjoys posting the pictures that don't show them. I also keep a lot of the images I don't share because usually the out-take pictures have the better stories behind them.

Just because someone looks great on Facebook, doesn't mean they aren't fighting their own internal demons. Likely there is someone who looks at you and wishes they had your life. Don't feel a need to impress anyone but yourself.

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