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Why I Am A Bad Mom - I Expect My Husband To Be A Dad

A question that makes my blood boil; "is your husband babysitting?" NO! My husband is not babysitting, he is being a dad. I've heard variations on this from the moment we brought our son home. People asking me "will the boys be ok without you?" When they get over the fact that I'm skipping town for some me time, that is what they always ask. YES! They will be just fine.

I am part of a parenting couple; two people working together to raise a kid. My husband isn't some sort of bystander, just watching the kid when I need to leave the room, we are a family of three and we are all active participants. Yes, we each have things that we are individually responsible for, but it is a team effort for a number of chores, and we help each other out when needed.

Referring to my son's dad as a babysitter is particularly angering for me because my husband does so much of the traditional mom stuff. When he was a baby, my husband and I took shifts on feeding and changing duty. When solids came into the picture, my husband made the baby food. He has been the one to get the little guy ready and to daycare and now school most of the time. My husband is the cook in our family, so bingeing on junk food is something way more likely to happen when he is out of town, not when I am.

Besides my own great partner, I've known and know a bunch of guys who are amazing dads. Stay-at-home dads while their partner works, single dads with primary custody, other dads who are equal partners with moms, and so many other arrangements. Society can look down a bit on a guy who takes off work to help with a sick kid, and that needs to end. Dads are just as important as moms and should be equally involved in raising a kid.

Cheers to the great dads out there!

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