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Why I Am A Bad Mom - I Embrace Alternative Medicine

When I have a sore throat, I reach for honey. When my son has a cough, I break out the elderberry melts. I believe a low fever should be allowed to run its course, and I am pretty sure tea tree oil can solve most of my health issues. I love alternatives to traditional medicinal cures...but I am not about to ignore medical science in the process.

Allergies and colds are the bane of my existence! My son and I are both allergic to most things that bloom in Texas. We rely on warm baths and hot tea for a lot of our relief, but over the counter and prescription medications keep our need for them at bay. When the cough gets to be too disruptive, I love the Sambucol products. My son goes for the melts, and I keep the lozenges with me through the spring.

I have been fortunate to have a very healthy child, he has only had a few illnesses that resulted in a trip to the doctor. I contribute a lot of this to his healthy immune system that is largely due to his affinity for playing in dirt, but I am not discounting the impact of all of his vaccinations. He does have to have breathing treatments for allergy related issues, but his doctor also recommended tea tree oil for a skin condition.

I am a giant wuss on the rare occasions I get really sick. I take all the medications I can to relieve symptoms, but if those don't help, I'm off to the doctor for some steriods and antibiotics. Epsom salt baths help a lot of my issues (not to mention my mood), but that is how I deal with things my doctor has already addressed.

When it comes to health, I think the best answer is to find a balance. Use the home remedies for the small things, there is a reason so many of them have been passed down for so long. Do your research about treatment options for more serious issues. Go see a doctor! They are the professionals and spent years working to get where they are. If you completely disagree with one, get a second opinion.

Most importantly, trust the vaccinations. Yes, there can be complications, but those are rare. My son is vaccinated, but I worry that he could still catch something from someone who isn't. Realize that chosing not to vaccinate puts your child, and other children at risk of potentially deadly diseases. Ok, I'll step down from my soap box now.

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