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Why I Am A Bad Mom - I like celebrating everyone's birthday but my own

Woo! A Bad Mom Blog is a year old! I haven't been terribly consistent at posting, but I made it a year and have goals to do better.

As with my first post, I'm writing this on my birthday. I am not a birthday person. I have friends who celebrate the entire month of their birth, they can have July. I remember being excited for my birthday as a kid; parties, gifts, cake, gifts. But I can't bring myself to want any of that now.

A number of years ago my husband started attending a conference that always fell during the week of my birthday. He stressed about missing it, but it turned out great! There was no pressure on me about what gift I wanted, where I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do. So it became a thing that I would ask a few friends to go out for dinner. This was pre-facebook, so they didn't always know it was my birthday, and it was great.

Now my birthday often finds me home with my little guy, and it is great. The last few years I've asked him how we should celebrate my day, and he always has suggestions. Last year we went to a smoothie shop. This year he informed me that I could have pepperoni pizza since it is my birthday. That "could" quickly became mandatory, so I did the responsible adult thing; we went to a pizza/arcade place and proceeded

to junk out and play games. I got a rubber duck for my game playing efforts, he got a shark, lizard, and spinning top (pretty sure I won).

I don't avoid my birthday. I appreciate the lovely flowers my in-laws sent, but I'm content with well wishes and cards. I don't fear getting older, I just don't feel like the day should be all about me. I love using the time to do something silly and fun with my guy (it is a shame those pizza/arcade places are "only" for birthdays and parties, glad they didn't have that rule when I was little). And now that my day is winding to an end, I'm going to relax on the couch with an adult beverage and have myself a birthday cupcake.

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